José Antonio Abreu

Founder of El Sistema. Awarded with the Polar Music Prize.

(Ron Davis Alvarez) has become an apostle, because he is an apostle, a Venezuelan apostle, of a universal message.


Ann Andreasen

Principal of the Uummannaq Children’s Home.

Venezuelan musician and teacher Ron Davis Alvarez knows that working with children is a complex and challenging job. That’s why he practices his profession with efficiency, and through his efforts, teaches children how to learn music. Ron worked for three years as a volunteer at the Uummannaq Children’s Home, located at the northwest coast of Greenland, in which he took charge of teaching children. His work in the Children’s Home, and also with the locals, resulted in a subtle education of children, who needed to experience success in order to develop their abilities.


Víctor Vivas

Violin teacher and member of the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra.

Ron Davis Alvarez is an example of constancy and inexhaustible effort, driven by his strong conviction that education makes a better society possible. His dedication in training his students, one by one, drop by drop, seed by seed, is for me a source of inspiration and a demonstration that the task of an educator is to feed the spirit of curiosity, collaboration and responsibility through example. Wherever Ron goes, he leaves a mark that invites us to move forward.


Franka Verhagen

Program Director of the Academic and Professional Training Program for Teachers and Conductors of El Sistema.

Ron’s energy is contagious, in a rehearsal or in a workshop; the language is not a barrier. His sense of humor and generosity accompany his need to communicate with the children and young people from all over the world through music.


Tupac Rivas

Specialist in orchestral training and Director of the San Agustín’s Nucleo of Caracas.

It fills me with pride to see the evolution and professional growth of this young man who used to cross the city from end to end to attend his classes. His roles as a violinist, orchestra musician, conductor of children’s orchestras; and also as a son, head of household, student, and later as a support to the subject that we share in the Academy’s Training Program, are the prove of his versatility as a person, musician and creative professional.

I always had the conviction that Ron was a “potential teacher”, a rough diamond, and I told him so. As an educator and conductor he is one of those people who love what they do. With his personal seal he integrates emotion and action in each goal that he sets for himself. Ron promises to be a role model for the next generation of El Sistema, all around the world.

I applaud Ron for his simplicity, his sensitivity and his ability to help others, to reinvent himself in the face of adversity, and for his enthusiasm to keep going. I am grateful to him for recognizing his origins and taking into account the people who once were part of his academic, personal and professional life. Today, with a batoute in his hand, these qualities are reflected through his integral and human leadership, which is constantly evolving and ranges from the administrative to being the guide of a group of young people who, between notes and dreams, are looking for a safe place.


Camilla Sarner

Executive director El Sistema Sweden.

Ron Davis Alvarez came to Sweden 2015 and has inspired thousands of children, teachers and musicians in El Sistema. With energy, passion and discipline he has given us all a powerful injection of joy and happiness as well seriously ambitions  about the importance of music and art for a good society. With his Dream Orchestra, we started an orchestra for refugees, an orchestra full of future dreams, hope and love.

Mónica Alfonzo, mom of Mauricio Rodríguez, was the representative of his son at Guatire’s nucleus, that Ron Davis Álvarez began directing at the age of 18. She speaks about Alvarez’ human as a teacher and as a friend of his students.

Mauricio Rodríguez, choral director, composer, French horn interpreter. Student of Ron Davis Alvarez at the Guatire Nucleus. (Video: Juan Pablo Gedler)

The master José Antonio Abreu, founder of El Sistema, talks with Erik Efer, director of ‘Passion’, a documentary that stills in the production stage. They discuss the educative work made by the director and teacher Ron Davis Alvarez, formed in the Guatire and Guarenas Nucleus of El Sistema.